Mr. Cereghino

A simple sentence contains at least one noun and one verb.

    *A noun is the main idea of the sentence and the verb is the action or what the  

      noun did.


     Example sentence:  The dog ran.

                             Dog is a noun or the central thing.

                                                Ran is a verb or the action the noun did.

There are two types of nouns.  Common nouns and Proper nouns.

*Common nouns are people, places, or things that are ordinary or general.

       *Proper nouns are exact people, exact places, or exact things that are

       specific and could only be that one.


             Example of common noun sentence:  The dog ran.

             Example of proper noun sentence:  Scruffy ran.

                         Now the noun is exact and can only be the dog Scruffy, not the many

                         dogs that may be in the neighborhood, whereas the noun dog could be

                         any dog on the street.*A noun is a person, place, or thing.

    Some examples of common nouns:

    people                                     places                                      things

    teacher                                   school                                      pencil

    student                                   street                                     television

    boy                                         museum                                    video game

    woman                                    store                                        book    mom                                       city                                           paper

    Some examples of proper nouns:

    people                                     places                                       things

    Mr. Cereghino                         Tustin Ranch Elementary          Dixon Pencil

    Jake Smith                             Robinson Street                       Sony  Television

    Bart Simpson                          Bowers Museum                        Halo

    Wonder Woman                      Toys R Us                                 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Ann                                         Tustin                                        Mead Paper


*A verb is an action.

Some examples of verbs or actions:

ran        run             did              pass             slip             hop              wish           hope

open      close          write          move            look            listen          feel            hurt

stop      cook           watch          hear            rush            drive           ride           push

sleep     hit              bark           snort           walk            turn            wag            slam

 * Simple Sentence + adjective

      An Adjective describes a noun.  Example:  The brown dog ran.

      Dog is the noun.  Most adjectives come before the noun.

Some examples of adjectives:

large        brown          black        crazy        goofy       lazy         tiny         tall       handsome

big           white            thin           hairy         skinny      cute        scared    short   tired

silly         confused      sleepy


 * Simple Sentence + adjective + adverb

      An Adverb describes a verb.  Example:  The brown dog ran quickly.

      Ran is the verb.  Most adverbs come after the verb.  Most verbs have an ly ending.

Some examples of adverbs:

quickly     rapidly      slowly       sleepily    happily   

Now see if you could come up with a descriptive paragraph for this video. 

Now come up with a word wall (list of words) related to the video you just watched.  Rewatch the video as many times as you need to help you come up with more words.

List every word you can think of that relates to the video.  Include all adjectives, nouns, and verbs that relate.

After you have listed as many words as you can, try to write a paragraph using the words from your word wall. 


Classroom word wall:

dog            bumped                laying             sleep walking          jumped             wood          wall

twitching    living room            barking           house                     funny                running        bad dream

hit              bite                       floor               injured                   hurt                   confused     table

inside         scared                  tail                  legs                        alert                  ears            dizzy

limping       jog                       nose               moving                   shocked            growling     panicked

head          snipped                rubbing           eyes                       turned               snorting      door

belly          hair



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