Mr. Cereghino

 Weekly Spelling Activities

Listed are the different spelling activities you will be asked to do on a weekly basis.  The teacher will choose your activities for each week.  Please follow the directions for each activity and make sure your work is neat and readable.  If you do not follow the directions or misspell the spelling words, the work will be re-done correctly during recess and/or at home.  Label each spelling activity at the top of the page when you turn it in with the rest of your homework. 


# 1.    Sentences: Use 20 words from your word list to write sentences that show you understand the meaning of the words.  Underline your spelling words.

# 2.   Definitions: Write the definitions of 20 spelling words.  Write the word, underline it, then write the definition in your own words.

# 3.   ABC Order: List all of your spelling words in alphabetical order.

# 4.   Scramble: Scramble the letters of each spelling word then write the unscrambled words next to it.

# 5.   Handwriting: Practice improving your best cursive or printing by writing each word 3 times.

# 6.   Totally Typing: Type each word once, print it out.  If you do not have a printer, write each word 3 times using your best printing.

# 7.   Part of Speech: Find the part of speech in the dictionary for all of your spelling words.  Example: is it a Noun, Verb, or Adjective.

# 8.   Spell-a-ma-doodle: Draw a picture using all of your words connected 4 times each.


Example of an outstanding Spell-a-ma-doodle:

Using all the words four times or more and coloring in when finished. 

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