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                                  (Septermber 6 - 9)  Place Value

    Place value examples:    What value is the 9 in the number:     4,231,592      =   tens

               What is the place value of the underlined digit?    42,583    =  ten thousands

               How many thousands are there in 20,000?   =  20

               Compare the numbers  greater than or less than:   34,231     34,321  =    34,231  <   34,321

               Order the following numbers from least to greatest:  891   918    819     =  819   891   918

               Order the following numbers from greatest to least:  9,425    9,524    9,245    =    9,524    9,425    9,245


    Expanded notation examples:  What is the value of 20,000 + 7,000 + 400 + 50 + 1  =   27,451

                                                                      Write the number 5,801 in expanded form =  5,000 + 800 + 1


    Rounding examples:  Round to the place of the underlined digit:  18,781  =   18,780

                                                Round to the place of the underlined digit:   87,032    =    87,000


Example of what your Math class work should look like:  Straight rows and columns.

Remember to show your work  :) 

Basic Multiplication and Division should be mastered by the end of 3rd grade.  Mastery is reached when 30 or more random multiplication facts can be correctly completed in 60 seconds more than 2 times in a row. If multiplication mastery is not reached, please practice every day.


Continue mastering Basic Multiplication Facts by visiting:    

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          Math Magician:

        Multiplication Facts by AAA Math:



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